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CHIP student’s work has been accepted at the Medical Informatics in Europe (MIE) conference, a premier international conference in the field, which is taking place in Sweden on April 2018.

1. Title: “Assessing the Satisfaction of Citizens Using Teleconsent in Clinical Research” (Full paper) Thomas Newlin, Terika McCall, Paige Ottmar, Brandon Welch, PhD, Saif Khairat, PhD
Summary: Researchers tested the functionality, and evaluated the feasibility of a telemedicine software,, to complete informed teleconsent sessions remotely with prospective research participants. Results suggested that younger users are more satisfied than older users with using teleconsent as a modality for informed consenting. This information will be used to improve the software design and functionality of the software to make the teleconsent experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

2. Title: “Novel Mixed-Methods Analysis of EHR-Related Information Overload on Provider Workflow in the ICU" (Poster) Victoria Rand, Cam Coleman, MD, Thomas Bice, MD, Saif Khairat, PhD
This posters presents a novel mixed methods approach at examining information overload in the medical ICU. Through focus groups, observations, and simulation, it is believed that specific areas of information overload can be identified in order to create a new dashboard to reduce this problem for clinicians.


Congratulations to the faculty and students involved on producing such interesting and wonderful work!


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