The purpose of the industry internship is to expand classroom learning to include “hands-on” experience in health IT, in the context of a particular industry sector (this may include providers, payers, or even research organizations such as a CRO or a clinical studies research center). Students with backgrounds in IT or IS should work with an industry mentor with clinical experience. Similarly, students with a clinical background should work with a mentor with expertise in IT or IS. A CHIP faculty member will supervise the internship and ensure a proper pairing with an appropriate industry mentor.

How to Apply

Select an appropriate mentor and project with the help of the CHIP program administration. Write a brief proposal (approximately 3 paragraphs, or 1 page) describing the scope of the work. The proposal must be approved by the faculty member leading the internship, the industry mentor, and the CHIP Program Coordinator. A copy of the Internship Plan should be shared with the CHIP Program Coordinator.

Click here to see the Internship Plan.

What is Expected?

Students should complete 400 hours in their internship.


  • Meets with her/his academic adviser and the CHIP Program Coordinator in the first semester of the program to discuss professional and career objectives, clarify internship goals, and identify appropriate internship opportunities.
  • Works with sponsoring organization professional, academic advisor and CHIP Program Coordinator to develop a learning agreement that reflects personal learning objectives and needs of organization; makes sure the agreement is completed and signed by all parties prior to start of the internship.
  • Sends completed, signed learning agreement by the due date to CHIP Program Coordinator and copies faculty advisor, program director, and sponsoring organization professional.


  • Maintains a work schedule agreed upon with the sponsoring organization professional.
  • Maintains professionalism.
  • Adheres to sponsoring organization standards, policies, and procedures including dress, personal conduct, and attendance.
  • Meets regularly with the sponsoring organization professional to discuss the progress of the internship and receive support, guidance, and feedback.
  • Maintains contact with the academic adviser and CHIP Program Coordinator regarding progress on the internship.
  • Completes and shares mid-internship and end-of-internship self-evaluations with the sponsoring organization professional, academic adviser, and CHIP Program Coordinator
  • Sets up mid-internship and end-of-internship joint meetings with the sponsoring organization professional, academic adviser, and CHIP Program Coordinator.
  • Satisfactorily completes activities and deliverables outlined in the learning agreement.
  • Complies with the confidentiality expectations of the sponsoring organization, when appropriate.


  • Coordinates meeting schedule with appropriate UNC-Chapel Hill faculty (e.g. academic advisor and capstone report and presentation).
  • Works with committee members to schedule capstone presentation date.
  • Meets all deadlines to submit capstone paper and deliver capstone presentation.

International Students Only

The internship is considered a CPT. Questions on CPT can be answered here. Applications for CPT can be completed at ISSS. Students must apply for CPT at least two weeks prior to their start date. In order to apply you will need 1) a letter from the company/office with a start and an end date, the number of hours of work per week, the physical address, and a brief description of your expected role/duties there, and 2) a letter from your adviser explaining internship.


The final grade for the internship will be assigned by the lead faculty.


If you have questions or need more information regarding applying for an industry internship, please contact us at chipinfo@unc.edu.