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The Master of Professional Science in Biomedical and Health Informatics internship is an individualized, mentored, experiential learning opportunity that serves as a bridge between a student’s academic training and non-academic practice. Required of all students in PSM programs, the internship provides special opportunities for learning that are different from, supplementary to, and supportive of the academic components of the BMHI program.

Students must complete nine credit hours in the program prior to starting their internship. The timing of the internship can vary from student to student; however, most full-time students will engage in the internship during the first summer of their program. Internship opportunities should involve work that is related to health informatics and of value to the organization. The sponsoring organization professional and internship manager will provide mentoring and guidance throughout the internship.


Important Steps

Student Responsibility 
The student is expected to take substantial initiative to identify, arrange, and complete a meaningful internship that meets BMHI program requirements.    

Note to international students: The internship is considered a Curricular Practical Training (CPT).  International students should review information about CPT at Visit the UNC International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) website for additional CPT information and to complete the CPT application for approval. Students must apply for CPT at least two weeks prior to their internship start date.  International students cannot start their internship until CPT is approved.  In order to apply you will need 1) a letter from the company/office with a start and an end date, the number of hours of work per week, the physical address of the company/office, and a brief description of your expected role/duties there, and 2) a letter from your advisor explaining the internship.


Internship search: 

  1. Review internship documents in Sakai and contact CHIP internship manager AND program coordinator with any questions. 
  2. Meet with CHIP’s internship manager to review internship process and discuss career objectives, internship goals, and internship opportunities.
  3. Identify sponsoring organizations of interest through networking events, program meetings, and personal research 
  4. Apply and interview for internships.
  5. Once internship is found, prepare to create internship proposal well before the start of the internship. 


Before the internship: 

  1. Work with sponsoring organization and CHIP internship manager to develop an internship proposal. The proposal should include the following:
    • An overview of the project(s) with which the student will engage 
    • A list of student learning objectives 
    • The rationale for the project(s) 
    • The deliverables expected from the student by the sponsoring organization 
    • Due dates for all deliverables
  2. Once all parties approve the internship proposal, collect the necessary signatures. 
  3. Email signed internship proposal by the submission deadline to CHIP internship manager. 
  4. Confirm with CHIP internship manager that you are enrolled in CHIP 793.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Hours towards the internship can only start counting AFTER the signed internship proposal/plan has been received and approved by the Internship Manager and enrollment in CHIP 793 is complete.

During the internship: 

  1. Meet regularly with sponsoring organization professional to discuss internship progress and receive support, guidance, and feedback. 
  2. Maintain contact with program’s internship manager regarding internship progress, including a written mid-point report (See page 19 for additional details).  
  3. Complete student internship self-evaluation and mid-point report and send to internship manager.  
  4. Satisfactorily complete activities and deliverables outlined in the internship proposal.

After the internship: 

  1. At end of internship, student and sponsoring organization professional will complete end-of-internship evaluations to be assessed as part of CHIP 793 grade. 
  2. Coordinate end-point check-in with sponsoring organization professional to share results and receive feedback. It is also expected that the student will make a final presentation at the internship site. 
  3. Confirm completion of all activities and deliverables. 
  4. Make presentation summarizing internship experiences. 


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