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Natthawut (Max) Adulyanuksol

Research Interests: Visual Analytics in Healthcare, Learning Health System, and Data Model Harmonization (OHDSI OMOP, HL7 FHIR)

Saianand Balu, MSIS

Research Interests: Machine Learning Techniques for Patients Cohort Discovery, Data Modeling and Representation of Genomic Tests for Clinical Decision Support Systems, Natural Language Processing of EHR, Cancer Clinical Informatics

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: sai@unc.edu

Abhishek Bhatia, MS, MS

Research Interests: the integration of health system data with non-traditional data (e.g., remotely sensed climate and environmental data, social media mobility and displacement data, and smartphone data) for public health emergency response

Vincent N. Carrasco, MSIS, MD

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: vcarrasc@email.unc.edu

Amy Cole, MS, MPS

Research Interests: human-computer interaction, health literacy, cognitive ergonomics, vocal biomarkers, and patient-centered care. Current research focuses on bringing the patient and caregiver's perspective into the development of eHealth tools to empower them to make informed healthcare decisions

Mohammad Golam Kibria

Research Interests: Decision Support Tool for Pregnancy Risk Assessment; Medical Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Routine Data Quality and Use

Elizabeth Kwong

Research Interests: patient safety, human factors engineering, quality improvement, human-computer interactions, usability evaluation, implementation science

Adam Lee, MBA

Research Interests: Data Quality

Advisor: Stanley C. Ahalt, PhD

Email: aml14@email.unc.edu

Corey Mercy, MBA

Research Interests: precision public health, consumer health informatics, health policy, technology adoption, social determinants of health, machine learning, and information systems

Email: cmercy@email.unc.edu

Matt Robinson

Research Interests: Allergy Sensitization and Panel Design

Ashlyn Zebrowski

Research Interests: Patient and Clinician Experience​, Health Behaviors​, Virtual / Augmented / Mixed Reality, and User Design and Interaction