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Karthik Adapa, MBBS, MPP, MPH

Research Interests: Telemedicine, electronic health records, machine learning, and data analytics

Advisor: Lukasz Mazur, PhD

Email: karthikk@live.unc.edu

Saianand Balu, MSIS, MSIS

Research Interests: Machine Learning Techniques for Patients Cohort Discovery, Data Modeling and Representation of Genomic Tests for Clinical Decision Support Systems, Natural Language Processing of EHR, Cancer Clinical Informatics

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: sai@unc.edu

Vincent N. Carrasco, MSIS, MD

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: vcarrasc@email.unc.edu

Eunsuk Chang, MD, MPH

Research Interests: I am interested in the clinical decision support features of electronic health records (EHR), especially in time-based checking, protocol support, and reactive alerts/reminders in acute and chronic disease management settings. I am also interested in EHR as a research tool; it will transform how the evidence in medicine is established (from "evidence-based medicine" to "practice-based medicine") by collecting the real-world data on how healthcare providers manage various patients within different contexts.

Email: eunsukc@live.unc.edu

Ashley Griffin, MSPH

Research Interests: I study digital health interventions for chronic disease self-management, including mobile apps, chatbots, wearables, and remote monitoring devices. I'm interested in designing, developing, and evaluating these interventions to ensure they meet patients' needs and positively impact self-management skills and health outcomes.

Advisor: Arlene E. Chung, MD, MHA, MMCi

Email: acgriffi@live.unc.edu

Amy Ising

Research Interests: Disease Surveillance, Public Health Informatics

Advisor: Leah Frerichs, PhD

Email: amy_ising@med.unc.edu

Manish Kumar, MPH, MS, MS DEVC

Research Interests: Health Information Systems, EHR, Global Digital Health, Health Systems

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: manishk@email.unc.edu

Adam Lee, MBA

Research Interests: Data Quality

Advisor: Stanley C. Ahalt, PhD

Email: aml14@email.unc.edu

Terika McCall, MPH, MBA

Research Interests: Telemental Health, mHealth, Anxiety, Depression, Women's Health, Disparities in mental health service utilization, Social Media

Advisor: Saif Khairat, PhD, FAMLA

Email: tmccall@unc.edu

Michael Ortiz

Research Interests: information systems, Information retrieval, spatial information processing, human factors, evaluation.

Advisor: Javed Mostafa MA, PhD

Email: msortiz@live.unc.edu

Emily Pfaff, MSIS, MSIS

Research Interests: Semantic Web, Graph Databases, Computable Phenotyping

Advisor: Ashok Krishnamurthy, PhD

Email: epfaff@email.unc.edu

Malvika Pillai

Research Interests: Translational Bioinformatics, Drug Repurposing, Natural Language Processing

Advisor: Di Wu, PhD

Email: mpillai@live.unc.edu

Alexander (Alex) Rich MPH, MBA

Research Interests: Data Science Ethics, Behavioral Economics, Open Data, Interactive Media, Data Visualization, Health Policy

Advisor: David H. Gotz, PhD

Email: alex53@live.unc.edu

Rachel Stemerman

Research Interests: Integrating Public and Private Health Data, Visual Data Analytics, Usability of Electric Health Records, Process Improvement

Advisor: Rebecca Kitzmiller, PhD, MHR, RN, BC

Email: Rstem15@live.unc.edu

Mengqian (Mika) Wang

Research Interests: Natural Language Processing/ Text summarization/ Graph Theory

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: mengqian@email.unc.edu

Zhaopeng Xing, MPS BMHI

Research Interests: Gerontechnology, Human-Computer Interactions, Information Seeking Behavior

Advisor: Javed Mostafa, MA, PhD

Email: zhaopeng@live.unc.edu