Ginjupalli Presents at NACCU Conference

May 6, 2024

[caption id="attachment_11106" align="alignleft" width="171"] CHIP master's student Jyothsna Ginjupalli[/caption]

CHIP Master's student Jyothsna Ginjupalli recently had the opportunity represent UNC Chapel Hill on a student panel focused on Mobile Credentials at the 2024 National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU) Conference.   The NACCU is dedicated to administrators managing campus identification programs in higher education.  Ginjupalli works as a data analyst intern in the one card office on UNC Chapel Hill, which has allowed her to apply some of the data analysis and visualization skills learned in the classroom to her work.  The conference provided a valuable opportunity to learn more about campus identification programs, network with industry professionals, and share her insight as a student using mobile credentials.  The panel explore a range of topics, including digital expectations, student experience, improvements in convenience on campus and more.  The panel was very well-received by attendees.  Ginjupalli's experience working with the campus identification program at UNC, along with her pursuit of her degree in health informatics and familiarity with how technology can make a significant impact on efficiency and experience, allowed her to contribute a unique perspective to panel.

Bhatia Stands Out as Researcher, Student and Peer

May 6, 2024

CHIP Doctoral Student Abhishek(Abhi) Bhatia is more than deserving of a newsletter student spotlight as we finish up the current academic year!  In the month of April, Abhi presented at the UNC Sustainability Research Symposium hosted by Sustainable Carolina, part of the UNC Institute for the Environment.  In addition to his Doctoral student role with CHIP, he is a Research Scientist with CrisisReady. Bhatia’s research combines large-scale clinical, demographic and geospatial data to estimate the impact of climate disasters on population displacement and health. At the symposium, Bhatia presented his findings from post-disaster impact assessments from a case study in Kerala, India.  Prior to this, his research at Harvard University quantified the public health impact of humanitarian crises, primarily in the context of the War in Syria, and the Rohingya Refugee Crisis.  See his full presentation at the symposium linked below.

Bhatia also participated in the 2024 Population Association of America Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio in April.  He gave both an oral and poster presentation on his research titled "Effectiveness of Early Warnings on Household Evaluation during the 2018 Floods in Kerala, India".

In addition to Bhatia's fascinating and impactful public health research, he has stood out this academic year as a strong advocate, supporter, and participant in CHIP.  He has engaged in summer programming, acting as a Teaching Assistant for DataAware 2023, helping to teach high school students about the health informatics field.  He will also be a Teaching Assistant for the ENABLE summer 2024 program, teaching undergraduate students all about health informatics.  Bhatia has been involved with CHIP in many other ways including as a presenter at the fall 2023 CHIP faculty retreat, co-chair of the CHIP Doctoral student committee, and acting as a visible and available presence for current CHIP students with a need for questions and connection.  His inquisitiveness, participation and commitment have truly made a positive impact on the culture of the CHIP program.



Students Impress at CHIP Networking Event

March 28, 2024

On March 26, CHIP students had the opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders in biomedical and health informatics.  The health IT advisory board to the CHIP program came together for their annual meeting at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.  The board is composed of industry professionals currently working in the field.  Board members provide valuable insight and feedback regarding the current state of the field, relevant topics to consider as part of the curriculum, and suggestions for programmatic improvements or additions to the program.  Following the board meeting with CHIP leadership and staff, students arrived for a networking lunch.  Industry representatives from SAS, Creo, Bioskryb Genomics, UNC Health, and MedStar Health were in attendance, in addition to CHIP alumni.  Students were enthusiastic and engaged and board members were impressed with the level of preparation and professionalism demonstrated by the group.  It was a successful event that CHIP hopes to replicate in future semesters.

Basnet Founds E-Healthy Social Media Platform

March 7, 2024

CHIP master's degree student and internal medicine physician at Frye Regional Medical Center in North Carolina, Bibhusan Basnet, MD, is committed to patient safety, patient advocacy, and innovative approaches to predicting healthcare trends and outcomes.  These areas of passion have led to his pursuit of his master's degree in health informatics with CHIP.  In 2022, Dr. Basnet, along with family and friends, set out to develop a health care social media company to offer patient education in a variety of user friendly formats intended to advocate for patient empowerment.  E-Healthy collaborates with a number of early career medical graduates to make medical infographics, which distill complex information into easy to understand visual stories for patients.  The company creates videos and provides other medical expertise through social media postings and website content.  With Basnet's background in medicine and exposure to health informatics, he has worked with his colleagues to develop easy to use resources for patients to empower them with data and knowledge.  Basnet commented,   "This journey in health informatics has been rewarding to me. I have found my love in health care social media."  CHIP is excited to see what the future brings for Dr. Basnet as he works to complete his health informatics degree and apply his new found knowledge to his medical practice and social media endeavors.

Hou Recognized for Research

March 5, 2024

[caption id="attachment_11025" align="alignright" width="233"] CHIP Doctoral Student Yujia Hou[/caption]

CHIP is excited to celebrate the recent accomplishments of Doctoral student Yujia Hou and the acceptance of her research papers to several conferences including: iConference 2023, IEEE/ACM CHASE (Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies) 2023, AMIA 2023 Annual Symposium, and iConference 2024.  The paper topics include research summaries for "Are Cancer Patient Receiving Appropriate Lifestyle Information Curing Clinical Visits?" and "The Development of an Automated Compliance Analysis Method on Clinical Notes to Improve Cancer Lifestyle Management."   Her research interests include utilizing natural language process (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) on Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems to promote cancer lifestyle management.  She is currently seeking research opportunities and positions that align with her areas of interest and excited to potentially collaborate and partner with new faculty across the UNC campus.