Basnet Founds E-Healthy Social Media Platform

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CHIP master's degree student and internal medicine physician at Frye Regional Medical Center in North Carolina, Bibhusan Basnet, MD, is committed to patient safety, patient advocacy, and innovative approaches to predicting healthcare trends and outcomes.  These areas of passion have led to his pursuit of his master's degree in health informatics with CHIP.  In 2022, Dr. Basnet, along with family and friends, set out to develop a health care social media company to offer patient education in a variety of user friendly formats intended to advocate for patient empowerment.  E-Healthy collaborates with a number of early career medical graduates to make medical infographics, which distill complex information into easy to understand visual stories for patients.  The company creates videos and provides other medical expertise through social media postings and website content.  With Basnet's background in medicine and exposure to health informatics, he has worked with his colleagues to develop easy to use resources for patients to empower them with data and knowledge.  Basnet commented,   "This journey in health informatics has been rewarding to me. I have found my love in health care social media."  CHIP is excited to see what the future brings for Dr. Basnet as he works to complete his health informatics degree and apply his new found knowledge to his medical practice and social media endeavors.