Digital Health Everywhere

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Attendees from faculty,staff, and students listening to the The Digital Health Symposium /></a></p>
<p class=The Digital Health Symposium, held on Feb. 23rd and open to faculty, staff, and students who registered for the event, brought to light the innovations and growth in Digital Health. Spearheaded by Brian Moynihan and hosted by HSL, the event covered topics such as augmented reality and virtual reality, visualization techniques to enhance educational content with experiential learning, and a variety of devices - wearable, swallowable, or implantable - that will make a breakthrough in how we retrieve, utilize, and research patient information.

For those further interested in these topics, HSL also has a collection of digital health devices that faculty, staff, or students can check out. In addition, Carolina Digital Health Initiative has an augmented and virtual reality interest group to connect different departments to digital health.