Project ENABLE

ENABLE stands for Extensible Network-Accessible Biomedical & Health Informatics Lifelong learning Environment. ENABLE, an extension of the Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP), was established to encourage students and professionals from diverse backgrounds to explore careers or advanced training in Biomedical and Health Informatics (BMHI). ENABLE is a 6-7 week program where students learn introductions to data science, work on projects, attend field trips, interact with industry professionals, and build leadership skills. Throughout the program, students learn an introduction to data science (Python and/or R, Data and Text Mining). You do not need any prior programming or technical skills to apply. Project ENABLE will run June 10- July 18th 2024. Please apply here! 

Learning Resources

Learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom! In addition to the education that you can receive from your coursework with CHIP, there are many opportunities outside of the classroom to develop technical and professional skills that will enhance your portfolio and your career!

Check out our Learning Resources page to explore opportunities to learn with others and on your own!

Degree Programs

CHIP offers a number of training programs designed to meet career goals of students and working professionals.

Master of Professional Science in BMHI

PhD in Health Informatics



Health care today is one of the largest parts of the US economy, reaching approximately 2 trillion dollars in 2011. A significant proportion of the cost, about 1 in 3 dollars, goes to service administrative overhead and not directly to the provision of care. It is also the case that about 80% of the people in the nation's patient pool do not have electronic health records. Experts believe that by applying information technology more effectively cost of care can be reduced and quality of care can be improved. Hence, there is a strong push now at many levels in our society for smarter usage of IT and engaging IT personnel in health care. These are the broad motivating factors for the Health Information technology focus of the new Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP) at UNC.

The Carolina Health Informatics Program offers students of varied backgrounds from Medicine to Computer Science specialized training that will enable them to succeed in various health technology information careers as well as contribute to improving healthcare. We hope to train the future leaders of this emerging and innovative field.