A Professional Science Master's (PSM) internship is a planned, individualized, mentored, evaluated, experiential learning opportunity that serves as a bridge between academic training and non-academic practice. All students in PSM programs complete an internship.

Internships follow a general format that provides opportunity to tailor the experience to the needs of the student and participating organization:

  • At least 400 hours long.
  • Mentored by a sponsoring organization professional and at least one UNC-Chapel Hill representative.
  • Requires students to apply graduate level skills & competencies acquired in the PSM program.
  • Involves experiences that allow students to have responsibility for results that are of value to a sponsoring organization. The number and types of experiences a student completes are left to the discretion of the sponsoring organization professional in recognition of the sponsoring organization’s needs, time constraints, and student interests and capabilities.
  • Provides students with opportunities to gain a wide perspective about the types of issues, concerns, and processes that occur in the real world.
  • Develops and enhances students’ professional skill sets.


The PSM Internship Sakai Site includes

  • An internship checklist
  • Key Deadlines
  • Materials to Assist with Internship Search, including a list of open