The Duke/UNC Joint Health Informatics Seminar Series is sponsored by DCHI and the Carolina Health Informatics Program at UNC-Chapel Hill. This series explores key areas in Health Informatics and include research results, overview of programs of research, basic, applied, and evaluative projects, as well as research from varied epistemological stances.

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Informatics Research Seminars

Seminars will be held Wednesdays from 4-5pm in Health Sciences Library room 227.

Fall 2019 Schedule:

Informatics Research Seminars: Fall 2019
WK Site Date Speaker Topic
1 Duke 28 - Aug Warren Kibbe, PhD The Role of Data in Precision Oncology
2 UNC-CH 4 - Sept  Ayesha Aslam, MD Wearable Device Data Access: Attitudes, Barriers and Possible Solutions
3 NCCU 11 - Sept  Tracie Locklear, PhD Natural Products Drug Discovery
4 UNC-C 18 - Sept  George Shaw, Jr., PhD Characterizing Diet, Diabetes, Exercise, and Obesity Comments on Twitter Using Unsupervised Machine Learning
5 ECU 25 - Sept  Ali Vahdati, PhD Applications of Predictive Computer Modeling and Data Analytics in Precision Medicine
6 UNC-CH 2 - Oct  Saif Khairat, PhD, FAMIA From the Bedside to Home: Applying Informatics Methods to Improve Health Outcomes
7 WF 9 - Oct  Eric Kirkendall, MD Data Challenges with Real-Time Safety Event Detection & Clinical Decision Support
8 Duke 16 -Oct Rajesh Dash, MD A Model Information Management Plan for Molecular Pathology Sequence Data Using Standards
9 UNC-C 23 - Oct Franck Diaz, PhD Clinical Data Quality for Secondary Use in the Learning Healthcare System
10 ECU 30 - Oct Mary Tucker-McLaughlin, PhD Geofencing: A Potential Catalyst to Audience Engagement in Health Communication
11 NCCU 6 - Nov John J. Sollers, PhD   Advances in Sickle Cell Disease Research
12 Duke 13 - Nov  Eric Eisenstein, DBA TRANSFORM-HF Study