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The following list of courses is comprised of CHIP required and elective courses. This list is by no means definitive or exhaustive and will be continually edited and updated. If you would like to take a course that is not listed here please speak with your advisor and the course instructor regarding its appropriateness in your curriculum.

INLS 490-046 Selected Topics: Data Management and Curation (3) fall.

INLS 490-176 Selected Topics: Human Factors in Systems Design

INLS 490-202 Selected Topics: Health Information Sharing in Social Media

INLS 500 Human Information Interactions (3) fall and spring.

INLS 509 Information Retrieval (3) fall and spring.

INLS 512 Applications of Natural Language Processing (3) offered biennially

INLS 515 Consumer Health Information (3) offered annually.

INLS 520 Organization of Information (3) fall and spring.

INLS 523 Introduction to Database Concepts and Applications (3) fall and spring

INLS 541 Information Visualization (3) offered annually

INLS 560 Programming for Information Science (3) fall and spring

INLS 572 Web Development I (1.5) fall and spring

INLS 581 Research Methods Overview (3) fall and spring

INLS 582 Systems Analysis (3) fall and spring.

INLS 613 Text Mining (3) offered annually.

INLS 620 Web Information Organization (3) offered biennially

INLS 623 Database Systems II: Intermediate Databases (3) fall and spring

INLS 625 Information Analytics (3)

INLS 626 Introduction to Big Data and NoSQL (3) offered biennially

INLS 641 Visual Analytics

INLS 672 Web Development II (3) offered biennially

INLS 690-187 Intermediate Selected Topics: Information Assurance

INLS 690-227 Intermediate Selected Topics: Mobile Web Development

INLS 705 Health Sciences Information (3) offered biennielly

INLS 706 Biomedical Informatics Research Review (1.5) fall

INLS 710 Evidence Based Medicine (3) fall and spring

INLS 718 User Interface Design (3) offered annually

INLS 725 Electronic Health Records (3) spring and summer

INLS 748 Health Sciences Environment (3) offered irregularly

INLS 760 Web Databases (3) offered annually

INLS 770 Health Informatics Seminar Series (1) fall and spring

BIOS 500 Introduction to Biostatistics (3) fall

BIOS 511 Introduction to Statistical Computing and Data Management (4) fall

BIOS 600 Principles of Statistical Inference (3) fall and spring

BIOS 669 Working with Data in a Public Health Research Setting (3) offered irregularly

COMP 521 Files and Databases (3) fall and spring

COMP 524 Programming Language Concepts (3) spring

COMP 555 Bioalgorithms (3) spring

COMP 655 Cryptography (3) offered biennially

COMP 722 Data Mining (3) offered biennially

COMP 790-124 Machine Learning in Computational Biology (3) offered biennially

ENVR 468 Advanced Functions of temporal GIS (3) fall

EPID 600 Principles of Epidemiology (3) fall and spring

EPID 750 Fundamentals of Public Health Surveillance (3) fall

EPID 766 Epidemiologic Research with Healthcare Databases (3) spring

EPID 795 Introduction to Public Health Informatics (1) fall

GNET 743 Introductory Statistical Analysis in R for Biomedical Scientists

HPM 470 Statistical Methods for Health Policy and Management (3) fall

HPM 600 Intro to HPM (3) fall, spring, summer

HPM 620 Implementing Health Informatics Initiatives (3) spring

HPM 625 Applied Public Health Informatics: Diagnosis and Design of Public Health Intelligence (3) spring

HPM 730 Leadership and Management of Health Care Organizations (3) fall

HPM 740 Health Care Financial Accounting (2) fall

HPM 742 Health Care Finance I (3) fall

HPM 754 Health Care in the United States: Structure and Policy (3) fall

HPM 760 Healthcare Quality and Information Management (3) spring

HPM 762 Quality of Care (3) fall

HPM 766 Making Equity a Priority in Cancer Care Quality (3) fall

HPM 804/DPOP 804 Introduction to Healthcare Database Research (3) offered biennially

HPM 820 Organizational Leadership Theory and Practice (2) fall

NURS 730 Foundations in Clinical Informatics: Data, Information, and Knowledge (3) spring

NURS 835 Population Health and Epidemiology

NURS 870 Health Care Informatics (3) fall

NURS 871 Leadership and Advanced Practice Roles in Health Care Organization (3) spring only

NURS 874 Improving Quality, Safety, and Outcomes in Healthcare Systems