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Did you know that UNC researchers had three publications in JAMIA‘s recent November issue?


PhD in Health Informatics

We are pleased to announce the formal approval of a new and an interdisciplinary PhD program in Health Informatics sponsored by CHIP! The program, based in the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, to start next year, will emphasize this broad view of human health and provide opportunities for students to pursue research aimed at enhancing health of individuals as well as population health outcomes.  The new doctoral program has several unique dimensions.  Broadly, it will equip the graduates with theoretical and technical knowledge necessary to:

  • Formulate a research plan, develop hypotheses, and apply appropriate methods for studying informatics challenges in large health care organizations;
  • Develop new health care systems to be deployed in operational settings that impact health care providers, public health staff, and the general well-being of a community;
  • Improve or create new informatics methods for analyzing health data to investigate research questions and identify factors associated with health care outcomes;
  • Lead a research group or an IT team in managing enterprise-scale informatics projects that directly impact provisioning of health care services;
  • Identify information flow deficiencies and information gaps due to IT barriers in complex health care settings.

For program curriculum and courses check here.  For more information, please contact Larisa Rodgers at chipinfo@unc.edu.

What is CHIP?

Carolina Health Informatics Program (CHIP) is a growing interdisciplinary community of faculty, students, practitioners and researchers. Driven by the unifying goal of improving people’s health and wellness, our scholars apply informatics methods and tools to the full range of human health topics from genetics, to clinical care, to population health. Read more…

We’ve Been Busy!

At a recent pan-campus meeting for Health Informatics, several new faculty gave lightning talks about their background and current work. Over the past few years, UNC has also partnered with Duke to produce a series of seminar presentations.

Keep up with our recent work here!

Saif Khairat, PhD
Rebecca Kitzmiller, PhD, MHR, RN-BC
Shahriar Nirjon, PhD

CHIP Recruiting New Faculty!

Several academic units at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are actively seeking
candidates in the broadly defined area of health informatics. The selected colleagues will
become core faculty members in the Carolina Health Informatics Program.

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