Summer 2018 Important Dates:

March 19 - Registration begins for Summer 1 and 2

May 16 – Summer 1 classes begin

June 25 – Summer 2 classes begin

Registrar’s calendar for Summer 1

Registrar’s calendar for Summer 2



Summer Session I 2018 - Courses offered:

  • INLS 523: Database Systems I; Shin (Online)
  • INLS 672: Web Development II; Boone (Mon-Thu 3:00-5:00pm)
  • INLS 613: Text Mining; Avula (Mon, Tue, Thu 3:15-5:50)
  • INLS 560: Programming for Information Professionals; Hauser (Mon, Tue, Thu 6:00-8:35pm)
  • PUBH 714: Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs; Ghazaleh Samandari (ten weeks, 3 cr.)
  • PUBH 747: Project Management Principles and Practices; Lori Evarts (ten weeks, 3 cr.)
  • PUBH 771: Communicating Public Health through Writing; Anna Schenck (ten weeks, 2 cr.)
  • EPID 600: Principles of Epidemiology (course spans the entire summer, 3cr.) Registration is restricted to EPID students until May 1. An introductory course that considers the meaning, scope, and applications of epidemiology to public health practice and the uses of vital statistics data in the scientific appraisal of community health.
  • EPID 758: Methods and Principles of Applied Infectious Disease Epidemiology  (course spans the entire summer, 3cr.) Registration is restricted to EPID students by default: non-EPID students need to request permission from instructor to be enrolled. Prerequisite is EPID 600.
  • GRAD 710: Professional Communication: Writing
  • GRAD 713: Applied Project Management


Summer Session II 2018 - Courses offered:

  • INLS 890-261: Information System Organizational Leadership and Management; Bhansali (Mon, Tue, Thu 3:15-5:50pm) THIS IS A NEW COURSE, BUT IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
  • INLS 520: Organization of Information; Kaplan (Mon-Fri 9:45-11:45am)
  • INLS 500: Human Information Interactions; Martin (Mon-Thu 3:00-5:00)
  • INLS 523: Database Systems I; Xu (Mon, Tue, Thu 3:15-5:50)
  • INLS 725: Electronic Health Records; Marcial (Online)

*** Please note that HPM 600 will no longer be offered in the summer.


NOTE: the courses listed are a combination of CHIP core courses and possible electives. However, not every elective course will be appropriate to you as a student. Please review the course syllabus and if appropriate contact the course instructor and your academic advisor to ensure the course you select is appropriate for you and that you have met the pre-requisites for it. Also keep in mind that this list is by no means definitive or exhaustive. If you would like to take a course that is not listed here please speak with your advisor and the course instructor regarding its appropriateness in your curriculum.