New EMR Usability course to be offered at UNC

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Dr. Saif Khairat, Assistant Professor from the School of Nursing, received funding through the UNC Data@Carolina initiative program to launch the first of its kind Electronic Medical Record (EMR) usability course to be offered at UNC-Chapel Hill. This interprofessional, graduate course will utilize novel data capturing methods to monitor, collect, and analyze student’s EMR interactions. Aside from health-oriented usability lectures, students will use the Biobehavioral Lab (above) located at the School of Nursing to assess their EMR skills using Meaningful Use stage 1 and 2 criteria. Data generated from a novel eye-tracking device combined with EMR-specific usability software will be used to inform clinical and health affairs students on their current interactions with an EMR system, areas of improvements, and ways to enhance EMR usability based on individualistic performance analysis. This course is planned to be offered in the next academic year.