The Post-Master’s Certificate in Informatics is designed to prepare nurses for clinical leadership roles in the design, selection, implementation and utilization of information technology (IT) systems in support of improved quality, safety and outcomes of care. Students will also apply knowledge in real-world situations during a internship (residency) in a clinical informatics setting.

The program is 15-18 credits in length and can be completed in 2-4 academic semesters (1-2 years). The curriculum combines content in health care informatics, systems analysis, database management and outcomes. Students take courses from the School of Nursing and the School of Information and Library Science.

The plan of study for the Post-Master’s Certificate in Informatics is individualized, based upon a student’s prior education and work experiences. The Health Care Systems Advanced Practice Coordinator or designated faculty advisor will review submitted materials to determine an applicant’s specific plan of study.

Who May Apply?

Individuals who have earned a master’s degree in nursing from accredited programs, are currently licensed as RNs, and have at least one year’s clinical experience are eligible to apply.


Core Courses (total of 13-16 credits)

NURS 870: Health Care Informatics (3 credits) Fall
NURS 874: Outcomes Management/Quality/Patient Safety (3 credits) Fall, odd years
NURS 878: Residency (4 credits) Spring
INLS 523: Database Concepts and Applications (3 credits) Fall or Spring
INLS 582: Systems Analysis (3 credits) Fall or Spring

Elective Courses (select 3-6 credits)

INLS 461:* Information Tools (3 credits) Fall or Spring
NURS 871: Leadership in Organizations (3 credits) Spring
INLS 718: User Interface Design (3 credits) Spring