Please note: Applicants are expected to have some background (from prior education and/or work experience) related to healthcare and basic technical knowledge/skills necessary to complete the program coursework. Applicants lacking sufficient preparation may be required to take additional courses prior to admission into the CIS certificate program.

(1) Apply - For admission into CIS certificate program, follow the steps outlined below. Note that the steps differ slightly depending on your status as outlined below:

  • If you are already a degree seeking student at UNC, submit the admission application and all related materials (listed in the application)
  • If you are not currently a degree seeking student at UNC you are asked to complete the following steps:
    • Please complete this brief online Prospective Student Inquiry Form prior to submitting the application.
    • Submit the Application for Admission
    • Additional materials needed for non-UNC applicants:
      • Proof of BA/BS degree with transcript (unofficial transcripts from all post-baccalaureate education are sufficient for application submission, official transcripts can be furnished later).
      • Current resume/CV and contact information for at least one person familiar with your background relevant to the program for reference (in addition to two other references).
      • Expanded statement of interest explicating relevant background and reason for pursuing the certificate. An interview with the Program Director may be requested of you.

(2) Please allow 3-6 weeks for a decision to be made. You will then receive a letter stating the decision of admission committee.

(3) If admitted:

  • If you are a UNC degree seeking student, see step (4)
  • If you are currently not a UNC degree seeking student, you will need to register through the UNC Friday Center for Continuing Education (detailed instructions will be included in your acceptance letter).

(4) Based on the information provided in the application, particularly in the statement of interest, the program coordinator will recommend a faculty advisor. You are expected to meet with the advisor to discuss your specific interests and develop plans for required Clinical Data Analysis internship. Submission of plan of study completes the admission process.

* Please visit the program FAQ for important information regarding the program.

* Please also visit the Internship website to find out more about internship expectations.