About the Certificate

Biomedical Imaging is a critical area of research with far reaching clinical translational opportunities in several areas including cancer, developmental science, genetics, pharmacology, and neuroscience. The broader field of biomedical imaging includes multiple subdisciplines designed to enhance knowledge of how human systems are structured and function. The Biomedical Imaging Certificate consists of a range of educational opportunities including didactic coursework, attendance at Biomedical Research Imaging Center (BRIC) symposia and workshops, and a internship placement for research training in an on-campus laboratory utilizing biomedical imaging techniques.

The educational objectives are as follows:

  • To provide students with a solid foundation in imaging science, including experimental design, image acquisition, image analyses, statistical modeling, and biomedical informatics.
  • To expose students to a wide array of pre- and clinical imaging modalities available at the BRIC, including computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, optical imaging, ultrasound, single photon emission computed tomography and positron emission tomography.
  • To provide students with the skills to critically review primary-source empirical articles to understand major trends in the current literature on biomedical imaging and to identify major leaders in the field and their theoretical and empirical contributions.
  • To provide basic skills in computational techniques for image storage, retrieval, and distributed access, as well as instruction in statistical models for analyzing imaging data.
  • To provide students with hands-on internship experience in an on-campus laboratory utilizing biomedical imaging techniques.
  • To provide students with knowledge imaging hardware.

Admissions Information

The biomedical imaging certificate is open to UNC-Chapel Hill degree-seeking graduate students. Admission to the certificate program consists of a three-step process:

  • Submitting an application: Matriculated students are required to fill out a simple admission form, containing basic demographics, prior education, and current degree pursued. Additionally, they are required to submit a brief 1-2 page statement of interest and proposed course of study plan.
  • Based on the application, particularly the statement of interest, the program coordinator the co-director will recommend a faulty advisor for the prospective applicant. The applicant will be expected to meet with the advisor to discuss her or his specific interests. The interview will also serve as a screening mechanism to ensure that the applicant’s background is appropriate for the certificate coursework and that the program is a good match for her or his needs.
  • Advisor’s approval of application and internship plan will complete the admissions process.

For more information or application materials please visit https://www.med.unc.edu/bric/education/graduate-study-1/biomedical-imaging-certificate-program.

Course Offerings

The following courses are currently offered at UNC-Chapel Hill and NCSU, and are available for biomedical imaging certificate students:

Course Title Course Number Credits Faculty Instructor
Seminar in Biomedical Imaging Science TBA 3 Rotating BRIC Faculty
Biomedical Signal Processing BMME 512 3 Lalush
Medical Imaging: Ultrasonic, Optical, and MRI BMME 550 3 Gallippi, Lalush
Medical Imaging: X-Ray, CT, and Nuclear Medicine Systems BMME 560 3 Lalush
Medical Image Analysis COMP775 3 Niethammer
Optimal Estimation in Image Analysis COMP790 3 Niethammer
Cognitive Neuroscience PSYC 739 3 Giovanello
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging PSYC 795 3 Giovanello and BRIC faculty
Social Affective Neuroscience PSYC 868 3 Lindquist
Translational Seminar in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience NBIO 727 2 Belger
Nanomedicine MOPH 738 3 Hingtgen and BRIC faculty
Statistical and Mathematical Methods for Medical Imaging BIOS 772 3 Zhu
Distributed Systems and Administration INLS 576 3 Scott
User Interface Design INLS 718 3 Rajasekar
Seminar in Human-Computer Interaction INLS 818 3 STAFF

Although the students interested in pursuing the Biomedical Imaging Certificate will have diverse interests and backgrounds, the following is an example for students who are interested in the cognitive neurosciences: Year 1: Fall – Seminar in Biomedical Imaging, Spring – BMME 550; Year 2: Fall  - PSYC 739; Spring -  PSYC 868 or NBIO 727; Year 3: Fall – BMME 890.

Associated Faculty

The certificate program has an Advisory Panel of faculty to oversee admissions to the certificate program, to approve each trainee’s program of study, and to evaluate the progress of trainees and the offerings of the program. The advisory panel includes:

  • Paul Dayton, Ph.D., certificate program co-director, Department of Biomedical Engineering and BRIC
  • Kelly Giovanello, Ph.D., certificate program co-director, Department of Psychology, and BRIC
  • Javed Mostafa, Ph.D., certificate program co-director, School of Information and Library Science and BRIC
  • Weili Lin, Ph.D., BRIC Director
  • Kevin Guskiewicz, Ph.D., Senior Associate Dean for the Natural Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Terry Magnuson, Ph.D., Vice Dean for Research, School of Medicine

Additionally, all BRIC faculty will be responsible for participating in the Biomedical Imaging certificate either by serving as Instructors of Record, provide guest lectures, or supervisor internship students. Please see below for a list of BRIC faculty members.

Amelio, Antonio School of Dentistry and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer
An, Hongyu Radiology
Boettiger, Charlotte Psychology
Branca, Tamara Physics and Astronomy
Burger, Kyle Nutrition
Daughters, Stacey Psychology
Dayton, Paul BME
Gallippi, Caterina BME
Gao, Wei Radiology
Giovanello, Kelly Psychology
Henderson, Louise Radiology
Hingtgen, Shawn Molecular Pharmaceutics
Kuhnen, Camelia Kenan Flagler Business School
Lalush, David BME
Lee, Yueh Radiology
Li, Zibo Radiology
Lin, Weili Radiology
Lindquist, Kristen Psychology
Oldenburg, Amy Physics and Astronomy
Mostafa, Javed Information Science
Niethammer, Marc Computer Science
Parrott, Matthew Radiology
Shen, Dinggang Radiology
Shi, Feng Radiology
Shih, Yen Yu Ian Neurology
Smith, Eric Radiology School of Pharmacy
Terence Wong Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
Wu, Guorong Radiology
Wu, Zhanhong Radiology
Yap, Pew-Thian Radiology
Yuan, Hong Radiology
Zhu, Hongtu Biostatistics


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